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Who is Chitokan!

Chitokan is a self-driven graphic artist who strives to provide a unique design for clients. After working several years for a midwest-based candy company he decided to work freelance. Currently, Chitokan is working with podcaster, clothing brands, restaurants, and family-owned businesses.


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Logos matter! A logo can either attract or turn away potential business, become a trusted brand, and propel your company. Store-bought logos are stale and outdated. Invest time and resources to stand out.


Branding is key to every new project. Consistency throughout your website, apparel line, and social media account helps to elevate your brand to new levels.

Stellar Websites

Stellar websites are a key sale point for all industries. Easy to find information, eye-catching designs, and smooth navigation are a game-winning combination. Be different, attract clients, and be stellar.


The perfect image can change the mood; give it stunning photography. Bring your products to life, and motivate your audience to become enthusiastic fans. Stand out from everyday images, high-quality photography is unprecedented.

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